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Request for Comments II

Draft (Semantic Reactive Microservices):
Semantic Web / RDF as the 'glue' of / for ML dataflow encoded input 'features' / output 'tensors' and ontology aligments. Mappings for knowledge input / augmented (learning) output rows (RDBMS example) processed by ML models in semantic alignments.
SW contexts encodes 'meaning' into translated input features / obtained learning output tensors via RDF CSPO quads Resource ID creation / assignment algorithm. Tensor shapes rendered as algorithmically Resource ID enabled (ANNs activation functions) operating over and preserving Resource IDs / Statements integrity (validation).
Dataflow semantic 'forms' application language: encode code and data functionally as Context RDF quad statements. Context activations performs functional intra / inter Context transforms across layers statements. Encoded 'form' statement resolves to getters / setters app…

Request for Comments

This is an outline of a set of possible features I believe could be achieved by means of current Semantic Web and Machine Learning technologies. Each paragraph is a feature that maybe could be composed on top of each other:

Entities (data, schema, behavior) metamodel encoding framework. Semantic augmented / self validating secure encoded IDs. Datasource types aware IO connectors.

Data alignment: equivalent schema and instance data merges from diverse data sources. Class / Entity ID resolution and matching / merge.

Schema alignment: attributes (properties) and entity relations augmentation of matched classes / instances.

Behavior alignment: context entity roles resolution in dimensional arrangements. Participation of actor entities in interactions (state / events).

Statement validation: identity, exchange, messages, alignments. Metamodel encoding ensures integrity, consistency, validity and veracity of interchange's statements without third parties or ledgers.


Hello, World!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sebastian, software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm currently mildly seasoned in the development of business applications in the Java platform and related technologies and stacks.

But what has got me scratching my head a lot in the last couple of years is the "Semantic Web". I know it is a technology paradigm far away from it's realization. But, perhaps, with the advent of Big Data and such it could finally find its niche.

Meanwhile I dump all my head scratching thoughts into this blog and Google+. I'd like to share with others my "discoveries". It is an endless work in progress draft and a scrapbook of ideas waiting to be realized...

Best wishes,