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Hello, World!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sebastian, software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm currently mildly seasoned in the development of business applications in the Java platform and related technologies and stacks.

But what has got me scratching my head a lot in the last couple of years is the "Semantic Web". I know it is a technology paradigm far away from it's realization. But, perhaps, with the advent of Big Data and such it could finally find its niche.

Meanwhile I dump all my head scratching thoughts into this blog and Google+. I'd like to share with others my "discoveries". It is an endless work in progress draft and a scrapbook of ideas waiting to be realized...

Best wishes,

Recent posts

Semantic Web "my way" (english)

(Roughly translated from spanish)

Basically, the Semantic Web is a document publishing mechanism that, in the manner of a graph, describes objects with their properties and the values ​​of those properties in "statements".

We have what is called RDF, which is an abstract model of representation of graphs with nodes and directed arcs (Subject, Predicate, Object) that has many serialization formats (XML, JSON, etc.).

It is called a semantic "web" because the Subjects, Predicates and Objects of the statements are URLs. The "core" of SPO (triple) type statements is accompanied by the possibility of stating that the triple / statement has a specific context. From now on I'm going to regard then as "quads" (CSPO).

Why take so much trouble and be so verbose just to describe objects and their properties? Well, it turns out that, worrying so fine in the "description" of "resources" (RDF stands for "Resource Description Framew…

Semantic Web "my way"

Básicamente la Web Semántica es un mecanismo de publicación documentos que, a la manera de un grafo, describen objetos con sus propiedades y los valores de dichas propiedades en "statements".

Se tiene lo que se llama RDF, que es un modelo abstracto de representación de grafos con nodos y arcos dirigidos (Sujeto, Predicado, Objeto) que tiene muchos formatos de serialización (XML, JSON, etc.).

Se la llama "web" semántica porque los Sujetos, Predicados y Objetos de los statements son URLs. Al "core" de statements del tipo SPO (triple) se le anexo la posibilidad de afirmar que el triple / statement tiene un determinado Contexto. De ahora en más me voy a manejar entonces con "quads" (CSPO).

Por qué tomarse tanta molestia y ser tan verborrágicos solo para describir objetos y sus propiedades? Bueno, resulta que, hilando tan fino en la "descripción" de "recursos" (RDF significa "Resource Description Framework" y originalmen…