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Working Draft

Hi all,

I know I've been publishing a series of posts that maybe lacks of academic formality or shape / coherence. My intentions are not to spam the lists with content that maybe don't deserve the reading time of the subscribers. That's why I warn everybody that I'm just a Semantic 'hobbyist' dumping thoughts in a bottle.
Feel free to skip reading my mesagges. Although sometimes I receive very valuable feedback, sometimes people seems bothered with what I publish.
My attempt now is finally to start writting code. I've added an appendix to the document which explains details I didn't realized in the past and which are fundamental for the deployment of an implementation (WIP, fuzzy draft). I've also suffered of paralysis in an 'analysis' phase in which because of lack knowledge and work responsabilities I couldn't code much.
The idea is to write a very small functional API library for the processing of streams (bus) of models of knowledge …


Just started a crowfunding campaign in Indiegogo for a long standing endeavor of mine:
Web of data: intelligent business applications Business Integration: at

The ‘Web’ that’s missing in the Semantic Web

Original Web was made for human interchange and consumption of rendered linked resources. Web 2.0 added the possibility of read and also write those resources.
The current focus in the Semantic Web is that their resources are for ‘machine’ consumption. That’s great as machines are concerned, they could ‘understand’ each other almost without any human intervention.
But what happens when humans needs to use that machines for something useful? Historical use of the Web could be summarized as follows:
Search: Google ‘era’. It is for looking Resources (using keywords). Interface: query string. Results: Items (data). RO.
Social: Face Book ‘era’. It is for looking People or Organizations (using names). Interface: query string. Results: Information (data aggregated key/value, items. Linked rels between data). RW.
But, what could Semantic Web ‘era’ look like? An attempt I’ve made is the following:
Semantic Business Integration. It is for ‘solving’ (domain) Purposes. Interface: query strings (in a st…

Mailing list archives


I'd like to share the search results page coming from the various post I've publishing in the last years in discussions into the different W3C mailing list:

Although some discussions are odd, old or bizantine, I've thinked that sharing my thoughts with the community this way could have been useful somehow.


Internation-al turnaround thoughts

Hi everybody!

Just thinking about some years of experience spent in the IT industry and its different platform flavors (and the taste in the mouth after them) and giving a try along the various ramifications of which such endeavors may become, just trying to obtain some conclusions:

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between those endeavors regarding the accomplishments and tasks a developer must face in its diary labours. The most part of the time we are offering 'consultancy' services in which we maintain, enhance and extend existing deployed applications.

But, in a little bit more rare cases we're faced to begin an application endeavor from scratch. Some times the line separating those two situations is a little bit blurry. No application exists 'from scratch' today using whatever frameworks or whatsoever.

In an excess of simplification I would like to summarize my experience in both fields. Below each explanation I'm attaching a picture that somewhat …


Hi all!

The documentation regarding ongoing efforts in the development of a SBI (Semantic Business Integration) framework, API and related artifacts is being updated in Google drive at:

And in GitHub (only documentation for the moment, reference implementation soon):

Best Regards,

Document updates

Hi everyone,

The documents for specifying and implementing business domain translation patterns that I've updated are as follows:

Spec / Impl (WIP draft):

Abstract (resumed version):

Presentation (WIP for slides, in spanish):

Hello, World!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sebastian, software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm currently mildly seasoned in the development of business applications in the Java platform and related technologies and stacks.

But what has got me scratching my head a lot in the last couple of years is the "Semantic Web". I know it is a technology paradigm far away from it's realization. But, perhaps, with the advent of Big Data and such it could finally find its niche.

Meanwhile I dump all my head scratching thoughts into this blog and a related Google Docs document I'd like to share. It is an endless work in progress draft and a scrapbook of ideas waiting to be realized...

Given this previous warning, let me share you the link:

And here is my resumè (Spanish):

Best wishes,