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Working Draft

Hi all,

I know I've been publishing a series of posts that maybe lacks of academic formality or shape / coherence. My intentions are not to spam the lists with content that maybe don't deserve the reading time of the subscribers. That's why I warn everybody that I'm just a Semantic 'hobbyist' dumping thoughts in a bottle.
Feel free to skip reading my mesagges. Although sometimes I receive very valuable feedback, sometimes people seems bothered with what I publish.
My attempt now is finally to start writting code. I've added an appendix to the document which explains details I didn't realized in the past and which are fundamental for the deployment of an implementation (WIP, fuzzy draft). I've also suffered of paralysis in an 'analysis' phase in which because of lack knowledge and work responsabilities I couldn't code much.
The idea is to write a very small functional API library for the processing of streams (bus) of models of knowledge …