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Hello, World!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sebastian, software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm currently mildly seasoned in the development of business applications in the Java platform and related technologies and stacks.

But what has got me scratching my head a lot in the last couple of years is the "Semantic Web". I know it is a technology paradigm far away from it's realization. But, perhaps, with the advent of Big Data and such it could finally find its niche.

Meanwhile I dump all my head scratching thoughts into this blog and a related Google Docs document I'd like to share. It is an endless work in progress draft and a scrapbook of ideas waiting to be realized...

Given this previous warning, let me share you the link:

And here is my resumè (Spanish):

Best wishes,

Internation-al turnaround thoughts

Hi everybody!

Just thinking about some years of experience spent in the IT industry and its different platform flavors (and the taste in the mouth after them) and giving a try along the various ramifications of which such endeavors may become, just trying to obtain some conclusions:

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between those endeavors regarding the accomplishments and tasks a developer must face in its diary labours. The most part of the time we are offering 'consultancy' services in which we maintain, enhance and extend existing deployed applications.

But, in a little bit more rare cases we're faced to begin an application endeavor from scratch. Some times the line separating those two situations is a little bit blurry. No application exists 'from scratch' today using whatever frameworks or whatsoever.

In an excess of simplification I would like to summarize my experience in both fields. Below each explanation I'm attaching a picture that somewhat …

Document updates

Hi everyone,

The documents for specifying and implementing business domain translation patterns that I've updated are as follows:

Spec / Impl (WIP draft):

Abstract (resumed version):

Presentation (WIP for slides, in spanish):